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ERASMUS+ project

The ArtENprise (Supporting Artists and Cultural Organizations in developing Entrepreneurial Skills) project in coordinated by the Granada Chamber of Commerce with partners from Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and Great Britain.

The project’s goal:

- popularizing entrepreneurial trainings in order to develop the employability of artists and creatives
- development and creation of creative and artistic enterprises
- encouraging artists and creatives to turn their attention to their business skills and earning money
- assessment of skills and abilities, providing practical training

Project partners:

Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de Granada

Ayuntamiento De Granada

Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association

Consorzio Materahub

Fundacja ARTeria

Inova Consultancy Ltd

Militos Symvouleutiki A.E.

The Facebook page of the project: @ArtENpriseEU