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Between the 28th and the 30th November 2014, MIASTOmovie #2 is being held both at the New Horizons Cinema and in the Wroclaw City. We already know the list of the films which are supposed to trigger discussions.



Our cluster management is participating at 5th Balkan & Black sea Conference "DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2014" (from 30th to 31st of October 2014) in Tekirdağ, Turkey.

Our clsuetr at 5th Balkan-Black sea Conference kis

The host of this year conference is the Trakya development Agency from Tekirdag. The founder and conference co-organizer is the Cluster House from Nis, Serbia. The mission of this year conference is creation of the Balkan & Black Sea cluster synergy through the public-private dialogue building and regional cluster best practice.

The conference contributes to:

  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences in cluster development in developed countries and countries in transition
  • Cross clusters networking
  • Efficient approach to development funds


Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association The Pannonian Philharmonic Orchestra to give their new concert titled as: Music by... This years' edition of the concert series is special because the tracks were from popular movies and computer games. The project was developed as a cluster cooperation by the CICC, ERLA Sound&Light and the Kerko Media.

pfz music-by 05

CICC Association
Photos: Róbert Bublik

The CICC showed its promotional film about Pécs creative industry workshops as local tourist attractiveness. The video shows the real, actual creative sites. I hope you will visit us and Take Pécs Home!

The video was implemented in the frame of the CMC project.

CMC kotelezo elemek

Members of Creative Industry Cluster had the chance to visit the "Leonardo the Renaissance Genius" exhibition. Our newest cluster member, Janus Pannonius Museum invited us to get acquainted with the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest inventor of his time, giving inspiration for later eras to come.

The CICC is representing the Cultural Creative Industry Cluster on the 30th annual International trade show, Pécsi Expo. Our booth and collages are waiting for the visitor till 8th of June. The Expo provides networking opportunities and entertainment programmes. Find us!

The CICC has organized a business breakfast and a brainstorming event on 28th of May. The participants had the opportunity to meet with the Dr. Géza Várady from the PTE University PMMIK. He held a demonstration of a quadrocopter drone with its special software programming.

reptet 1

The drone has HD cam, UV cam , and most importantly pattern recognising and following software. After the show the cluster members investigated the creative industrial usability of the equipment and the software.

The CICC is always keen on promoting learning and self-achievement.In a world of information overload, wouldn't it be nice to read faster and get through books, reports and emails in the time you choose? And to retain and remember more of what you read? With Speed-Reading and PhotoReading, you can. A 2 day PhotoReading training was held at the KOHÓ Pécs by Kornél Bakos.

The Self-starter programme program will end soon. Because of the program's effectiveness and popularity the participants: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya, Cultural Creative Industry Cluster, Baranya County Government Offices Labour Centre and the Hungarian Tourism Zrt. (RMH) declared their intention to launch a new program in this year.The PTE KTK as a new partner will increasing the value of the program. We expect to launch the new Self-starter program in the summer with similar conditions.

Our CMC project

Published Date

One of the current project of the CICC is the CMC project – Clusters Meet Culture: an opportunity for development. The project, aims at enhancing local clusters production and their capacity to attract tourist flows, creating awareness to combine tourism, production and culture. Five Countries are involved in the project: Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. The 4th project meeting was held in Sibiu The meeting's main topic was the exploitation of the ICT solutions.

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2018/06/15, 10:52
On 14 June we organized 2 training sessions for PA staff in Pécs.The topic of the interactive...
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