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ONINDITO logoThe Self-starter program supported 20 job seekers to launch their business in the creative industry. The program was implemented by the joint co-operation of the Baranya County Government Offices Labour Centre, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya and the Cultural Creative Industry Cluster.

The program was announced for creative industry candidates who were expected to apply with their business ideals. The candidates' personality, entrepreneurial attitudes were assessed by representatives of the organizations implementing the program in a short oral interview.

Self-starter training course consisted of a 500-hours complex business training. During the 150 hours of theoretical training the participants attended on lectures held by 10 outstanding instructors. The 350- hour practical training was led by two of our economist associates who have degree in management. The participants were supported by godparents and coaches during the program. The godparents and coaches have many years of business expertise; they are successful and well-respected businessmen.

The host venue of the program was the KOHÓ CoWorking House Pécs, an open, creative, co-working office. When the theoretical section ended, work-stations and meetings were formed on the first floor of the public office, so they can work, keep business meetings and keep in touch with the management even after the launch of the individual Self-starter enterprises.

Report of the first phase of the program in numbers:

  • 40 candidates, 20 participants
  • 16 participants decided to start their own business
    • 10 of them applied for the 2 million HUF support
  • 150 hoursof theoretical training, 10 instructors
  • 350 hoursof practical training in 18 weeks
    • weekly training with all the 20 participants individually
  • 8 godparents– 35 hoursof consulting
  • Representation at fairs
    • Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok
    • Csupanő! – HungExpo
    • OMÉK – HungExpo

The official website of the program:

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