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Between the 28th and the 30th November 2014, MIASTOmovie #2 is being held both at the New Horizons Cinema and in the Wroclaw City. We already know the list of the films which are supposed to trigger discussions.


MIASTOmovie consists of documentary films describing modern metropolises' problems, artistic activities and, above all, public discussions and debates involving citizens. Each day we will be focused on a different urban problem which is current and important from Wrocław residents' point of view. During the second edition of MIASTOmovie we will explore the issue of the European Capital of Culture. In 2016 Wroclaw will hold the title which belonged or will belong to three other Central European cities, namely to Hungarian Pécs, Slovakian Košice and Czech Plzeň.

The first day will be focused on Hungarian experience. Together with the guests from Pécs we will discuss the social participation and civic involvement in the European Capital of Culture celebrations. The opening film "PressPausePlay" (2011, USA) will be shown at 18:00. The documentary by American duo, David Dworsky and Victor Köhler, addresses the issue of our participation in culture. We will explore the problem of cultural democratization process and try to answer the question if the participatory culture model leads to the mediocrity flood.

The "PressPausePlay" trailer:

On the second day we will invite our guest from Košice to the debate on the socialist architecture, the infamous "panel building system" and its impact on the quality of life in the cities. At 17:00 a film block consisting of two screenings will start. First, we will be able to watch a British-Slovak documentary "Lunik IX" by Michelle Coomber in which he is telling us a story of the largest Romanian ghetto in Europe. After that we will see a short film by Teresa Bonnet - "Superunit" describing a "living machine" in Katowice. At 19:00 the main screening will start. We will present you a film by Chad Freidrchs, "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth" which refers to the American housing estate in St. Louis. The complex was demolished 20 years after its triumphant commissioning. To this day this act is considered the end of the Modernism era.

The "Pruitt-Igoe Myth" trailer:

The finale of the MIASTOmovie #2 will be attended by the guest from Plzeň. We will raise the topic of cultural infrastructure and its role both - during the European Capital of Culture celebrations and in the long-term cultural development strategy. At 16:00 we will show a film "Drop City" by American Joan Grossman. This is an interesting story about a hippie utopia in Colorado. The final film, "Eye over Prague" by Czech director, Olga Špátova reports on events taking place after the international architectural competition for the new building of the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague.

The "The Eye over Prague" trailer:

Detailed information about the programme may be found in the attachment and on the following websites:, Should you have any questions, please contact me.

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