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Heritage Alive Conference

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Iconic building abandoned in the heart of the city. Left alone, its hollow windows whisper the memories of better days, when it’s rooms were filled with joy and laughter, in turn adding to the athmosphere of the square outside.The timeless memories of local people prevent these sites from dissapearing and nominate them to be a heritage.The 24th January 2019 conference described in the attached invitation might not only find a solution by valuable examples, but also provides a rich repertoire of methods owing to the good offices of  EU’s Forget Heritage project. Will you be kind enough to make a note of the event in your calendar and register at the contacts listed.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Please click here, to download the invitation, and you can also find the registration here.

Download this file (HERITAGE ALIVE Conference programme 24th.pdf)Programme[ ]326 Kb

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