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The artwork is born before our eyes

How is a contemporary painting made? What can you see in the process of artistic creation - unknown to the lay audience? The M21 Gallery of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs is the venue for the Symphony IX - Figurative Symposium, in which eight artists prepare large, figurative creations before the eyes of visitors. The symposium will take place between January 21st and February 5th, and the works will be on display at the February 8th exhibition with other previous Workshops.

The Synergy Symposium has a long tradition and was first held in the 2006/2007 academic year as a course at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts, at the Zsolnay factory's unused internal industrial spaces. The initiative was initiated by Ilona Keserü, professor Emerita, the aim of the course was to design, implement and exhibit colorful works on a scale larger than flat, with the use of flat or spatial painting technologies.

In addition to the second Choir, in addition to the PhD students and the Department of Painting, the invited Hungarian and foreign invited artists also participated in the course-creative event.

The power of huge industrial spaces, large image-carrying surfaces and the community of artists in one space provided the ideal conditions for the participants. The artists responded with the best of their knowledge and new, unknown painting possibilities, brave, occasionally reckless experiments, sometimes in a staggering way for themselves.

This year's theme is figurative representation. In recent decades, figurative painting has become an international and domestic focus. Although many people used to visualize the death of painting, it did not happen, but on the contrary, it managed to renew itself by the turn of the millennium. In this redefinition, he played a leading role in the experiments of figural painting. (A good example of this is the rise of Leipzig and Cluj school and its impact to date.) Nowadays, figural painting has strengthened its position in the art discourse, and has won the honor of continuous activity.

Colors IX - Figurative participants: Miklós Fejős, Csaba Nemes, Zsolt Nyári, Márta Nyilas, Flora Pertics, András Pinczehelyi, Rita Mátis, Rita Varga

The m21 Gallery is the ideal venue for the symposium, as it has large interiors of industrial real estate, but it is much more comfortable and offers interactivity to meet the artist and the audience at work. ZSÖK was happy to provide the venue for this business.

Between January 21 and February 5, the symposium in the M21 Gallery is open during the opening hours (Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 5pm). Exhibition of works of art created at the symposium on February 8-24. view. Opening ceremony: February 8th 17.00

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