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One of the aims of the Forget Heritage project is to develop a management and training model for the creative industrial utilization of abandoned, but valuable, buildings in small towns. In connection of these aims, CICC Association asked Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya to organize a focus group. The subject was the assessing the local training needs.

The focus group meeting was held on 18. July 2017. in the Pécs Commercial Center. 11 experts attended the conversation. The public sector was represented by two specialists who have relevant experience on the subject, and from within they knew the problems of utilizing local built heritage.Creative industry professionals / entrepreneurs also showed diversity on the discussion (crafts, photography, filmmaking, design, marketing).

From the point of view of the subject, it was important that professionals who have come from other areas but who are closely related to the topic are represented: representatives of museums, tourism, project management, economics.

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These old houses need new stories – How to manage cultural heritage sites successfully?

Ljubljana, 21/03/2017

Forget Heritage RGB

On 21 March 2017 the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region with its Regional Creative Economy Centre hosted the international Forget Heritage Conference on Best Practices in City Museum Ljubljana, where partecipated the KIKK Association as project partner.

The aim of the conference was to promote (re)use of historical sites for new community contents, to present up to date examples of successful management of cultural heritage sites and to encourage integration of different communities - from local to a variety of creative and life-style communities for new economic practices - with an emphasis on the fields of cultural and creative industries.

The presentations helped to understand the challenges and best practices of heritage management concerning abandoned historical venues in cities.

The keynote speaker of the conference, Tiva Montalbano, Director of Heritage Strategy at The Prince's Regeneration Trust, United Kingdom had a very inspiring lecture about their experiences connected to cultural heritage activities.

The conference was closed by roud table and study visit, on which we got the chance to see many good practices of revitalizing culture heritage sites - Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana, Meteklova mesto (Metelkova City), Hostel CelicaKino Šiška and the building of the slovenian pilot project Vodnikova domačija.

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FH ljubljana

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FH Opening Conference - Genoa


Forget Heritage RGB

The conference Heritage in the City, was held on 15th and 16th November, offered visitors two whole days of events and initiatives. Local, national, and international speakers from public and private institutions started the conference with their own, still ongoing experiences to illustrate innovative and replicable ways to reinsert the cultural heritage in virtuous cycles of promotion and usage.

On 15th morning local, national, and European institutions shared thoughts, experiences, and strategies on the promotion of the territory, on the cooperation between public and private entities, business models and processes of active citizenship.
The afternoon workshops were held by the Departments of Teaching; Economics; Architecture; Representatives from Italian and Romanian Literature and Art. The participants upgraded the ideas and thoughts of the speeches delivered in morning.
On 16th November, the consortium members discussed about the progress of the project, tasks of the partners at the project partnership meeting, and the afternoon was closed by roundtable discussions.

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Forget Heritage Project

„Forgetting to remember, remembering to Forget” (Rodney Harrison)

The Forget Heritage project is a three year long INTERREG Central Europe program, which started at 01.06.2016. The main objective of the project is promoting cooperation between CE cities in order to identify innovative, replicable and sustainable PPC management models of the historical sites by valorising them through setting up cultural and creative companies.

Most cities are characterized by the presence of unused historical buildings that have marked the history of the local community. Now, in a state of neglect, their historical memory is being forgotten and they have a negative impact on the surrounding areas by turning into "urban voids". "New ideas need old buildings" (Jane Jacobs): the challenge jointly tackled by the project partners is to find an innovative and sustainable solution for the protection and valorisation of the Central Europe cultural heritage, increasing its economic value. The consortium aims to provide recommendations for other cities how to enhance the hidden potential of the cultural heritage to influence quality of life of the citizens and cultural and creative industries operators who will have new working opportunities and boost their managerial skills.

The project partners are:

  • Municipality of Genoa (IT)
  • Institute for Economic Research (SI)
  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (SI)
  • City of Nuremberg (DE)
  • City of Bydgoszcz (PL)
  • Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association (HU)
  • City of Rijeka (HR)
  • Statutory City of Usti Nad Labem (CZ)
  • Lombardy Region (IT)
  • City of Warsaw (PL)


The Program is financed from the European Regional Development Found.



Total: 2.470.570,45

ERDF: 2.048.805,40

National Co-financing: 421.765,05


More information on the website of the project:




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