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Forget Heritage CMYK



Forget Heritage Project

„Forgetting to remember, remembering to Forget” (Rodney Harrison)

The Forget Heritage project is a three year long INTERREG Central Europe program, which started at 01.06.2016. The main objective of the project is promoting cooperation between CE cities in order to identify innovative, replicable and sustainable PPC management models of the historical sites by valorising them through setting up cultural and creative companies.

Most cities are characterized by the presence of unused historical buildings that have marked the history of the local community. Now, in a state of neglect, their historical memory is being forgotten and they have a negative impact on the surrounding areas by turning into "urban voids". "New ideas need old buildings" (Jane Jacobs): the challenge jointly tackled by the project partners is to find an innovative and sustainable solution for the protection and valorisation of the Central Europe cultural heritage, increasing its economic value. The consortium aims to provide recommendations for other cities how to enhance the hidden potential of the cultural heritage to influence quality of life of the citizens and cultural and creative industries operators who will have new working opportunities and boost their managerial skills.

The project partners are:

  • Municipality of Genoa (IT)
  • Institute for Economic Research (SI)
  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (SI)
  • City of Nuremberg (DE)
  • City of Bydgoszcz (PL)
  • Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association (HU)
  • City of Rijeka (HR)
  • Statutory City of Usti Nad Labem (CZ)
  • Lombardy Region (IT)
  • City of Warsaw (PL)


The Program is financed from the European Regional Development Found.



Total: 2.470.570,45

ERDF: 2.048.805,40

National Co-financing: 421.765,05


More information on the website of the project: