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FH Opening Conference - Genoa


Forget Heritage RGB

The conference Heritage in the City, was held on 15th and 16th November, offered visitors two whole days of events and initiatives. Local, national, and international speakers from public and private institutions started the conference with their own, still ongoing experiences to illustrate innovative and replicable ways to reinsert the cultural heritage in virtuous cycles of promotion and usage.

On 15th morning local, national, and European institutions shared thoughts, experiences, and strategies on the promotion of the territory, on the cooperation between public and private entities, business models and processes of active citizenship.
The afternoon workshops were held by the Departments of Teaching; Economics; Architecture; Representatives from Italian and Romanian Literature and Art. The participants upgraded the ideas and thoughts of the speeches delivered in morning.
On 16th November, the consortium members discussed about the progress of the project, tasks of the partners at the project partnership meeting, and the afternoon was closed by roundtable discussions.

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