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Forget Heritage RGB

One of the aims of the Forget Heritage project is to develop a management and training model for the creative industrial utilization of abandoned, but valuable, buildings in small towns. In connection of these aims, CICC Association asked Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya to organize a focus group. The subject was the assessing the local training needs.

The focus group meeting was held on 18. July 2017. in the Pécs Commercial Center. 11 experts attended the conversation. The public sector was represented by two specialists who have relevant experience on the subject, and from within they knew the problems of utilizing local built heritage.Creative industry professionals / entrepreneurs also showed diversity on the discussion (crafts, photography, filmmaking, design, marketing).

From the point of view of the subject, it was important that professionals who have come from other areas but who are closely related to the topic are represented: representatives of museums, tourism, project management, economics.

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