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On 31 January 2007 the Cultural Creative Industry Cluster (former name: South Transdanubian Cultural Industry Cluster) was established The cultural cluster is an institute of the Cultural Innovation Competence Centre, acting as an umbrella organisation for the creative industry of the region.

OUR MISSION: To enhance the profitability competencies of our cluster members.

Our objectives in creating the Cluster

  • To provide for the prerequisites of successful operations in the competitive market, to promote the cultural innovation network and the coordinated cooperation of actors in the innovation industry.
  • To design and organise the regional marketing of a range of cultural products.

  • To develop and incubate the industrial and operative regulations governing cultural background activities and cultural operations.

  • To deal with requirements, plans and projects affecting the cultural sector in the RIS and Competitiveness (Development) “Pólus” Project, and to generate innovative developments.

  • To establish a suitable training system, according to the direction of development in the culture industry, including the organisation of professional further education.

  • To participate in the organisation and implementation of programmes and events related to the investments as part of the European Capital of Culture Programme.

  • To create a uniform set of norms to improve the market operations of actors in the culture industry based on innovative methods.

  • To communicate the achievements in the field of the culture industry with a variety of tools.

  • To share experience with Croatian and Slovenian industry actors, to exchange methodology and results, and to assist their preparation.

Activities of the Cluster

  • Exploring R&D partnerships with universities in the cultural and creative industries (development and innovation strategy of the university).

  • Assisting the incorporation and development of enterprises in the innovation and cultural industry, integrating them into the cluster.

  • Supporting shared procurements and the organisation of cultural service provision.

  • Organising joint sales.

  • Managing joint development, production and service provision activities.

  • Assisting the joint launching of products on the market (shared image and brand name).

  • Preparation of PR and advertising material.

  • Developing partnerships, organising partner meetings both within Hungary and internationally.

  • Supporting administration and project accounts.

  • Fund coordination and preparing tender applications.

Services offered by the Cultural Industry Cluster of South West Hungary to its members

  • Organising joint participation at fairs and exhibitions.
  • Organising media appearances, generating news (including regional and national printed and electronic press).
  • Designing and presenting a shared company image (website). Image design and full graphic implementation as needed.
  • Preparing Bids at discounted rates, managing continuous fund coordination.
  • Continuous uploading and editing of own webpage on a website managed by the CICC. There is also a option to announce events in the regional creative calendar displayed on the website.
  • Participation in the editing of the CICC newsletter, which is sent to every cluster member (tenders and cultural events). Cluster members may have news posted in the newsletter by sending them to the cluster manager. The newsletter is published weekly on Tuesdays. For publication on Tuesday, the information needs to be sent via e-mail by no later than the previous Friday.
  • Consulting on Innovation related topics, including the following: assisting innovation processes, patenting and registering trademarks, copyright, innovative service and/or design



János Keresnyei

Cluster committee members:

Júlia Matókné Kapási, Director, Mihály Babits Community Centre

Cluster Manager:

Szabolcs Rabb

For further information contact:  

János Keresnyei

Cultural Creative Industry Cluster, Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association
Phone: +36-30/ 916-8001
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: H-7626 Pécs, Koller Street 5/2. 

Szabolcs Rabb

Cluster Manager
Cultural Creative Industry Cluster
Phone: +36-20/ 441-9135
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: H-7621 Pécs, Széchenyi tér 7-8.